Mental Health

If you are seeking counselling/talking therapies for problems such as stress, anxiety and depression, you can access this locally by self referring to ‘Talk Liverpool’.

Alternatively you can seek counselling privately.  The Counselling Directory is a useful resource for finding a therapist to suit your needs.

Autism Services Directory

‘Autism and Mental Health’– a leaflet from Autistica UK

Self Help Guides. A range of fantastic leaflets from Mersey Care.

Adult ADHD self report scale.  This is not a diagnostic test, but may be useful for you to fill in if you think you may have ADHD, before seeing a GP. (WHO/Harvard Medical School)

Generalised Anxiety Disorder- Self Help

Autistic Spectrum Quotient 10‘ (for adults). This is not a diagnostic test, but a useful guide (recommended by NICE) for recognising when people may benefit from referral.  If you think you may be on the autistic spectrum, it may be helpful to complete this test before seeing your GP.  More information about Autistic Spectrum Disorder here. 

Common benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms, and how to cope with them. 

Beacon Counselling Trust.  They offer free gambling counselling in Liverpool.

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust raises awareness of depression and fights stigma so that people stay mentally well and get the help they need.

Dementia Information Service emails from NHS Choices. Sign up here.

Insomnia (Poor Sleep).  From

The Mood Disorder Questionnaire.  A screening questionnaire for Bipolar Affective Disorder.  This is not diagnostic.  Always discuss results with your doctor if concerned.

Mood Gym.  On-line CBT

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Questionnaire.  A screening questionnaire for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  This is not diagnostic.  Always discuss results with your doctor if concerned.

Self Help on-line material- ‘Living Life to the Full’

Self Help Modules from the Centre for Clinical Interventions (Australia)

Sleepio– Online help for sleep problems, based on CBT

Social Phobia Questionnaire.  A screening questionnaire for Social Phobia.  This is not diagnostic.  Always discuss results with your doctor if concerned.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Self Help Resources. 


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